The Giti Corporate project was an ambitious endeavor to create the main website platform for one of the world's top ten tire companies at the center of their many brand and country websites.


Giti Tire has a massive, sprawling online presence with dozens of country and sub-brand specific websites (many of which SEIRIM has built) around the world. Having been created in recent years, these other websites had begun to leave behind their main corporate website in modernity, and it was time to get their main corporate website back in the lead again.

With strong experience in Giti's culture, content and brands we set out to make the main corporate website encapsulate their forward and future momentum. Motorsports Racing has become an ever-larger identity focus for Giti, for example, so we used that as a key content and style cue throughout the website. The use of racing imagery, videos and styles are used throughout the website to convey Giti's very active branding focus.

The website build goes way beyond a basic informational website, with a deep integration of custom elements and pages. Animations, background videos and more are strategically used to give a level of quality and polish befitting this multi-billion-dollar company. Many sections like Motorsports or Tyre Knowledge are practically their own 'mini-sites' with custom styling and layouts to make them unique experiences within the site.

The website is multilingual in English and Chinese, is optimized well for performance and mobile experiences, and built for speed for varying internet connection strengths to load well in any of the 130 countries where Giti tires are sold.

The homepage was designed to give a great impact and overview of Giti to both their existing audiences looking for their latest news and newcomers to the company learning about their products for the first time. Multiple special layouts, animations and specialties like the map feature make the experience unique.

The Giti Interactive Map help users to easily navigate, find Giti Stores and Products in their country.

The Motorsports Page is the central hub for Giti Racing News, Upcoming Racing Events, Featured Races & Highlights and other Motorsports related content.


We delivered:
  • Custom Content Management System built on-house using DotNetNuke (DNN) for ease of website management with extensive content and layout options
  • Complex, custom user interactive interfaces and experiences
  • High level of custom page animations
  • Fully responsive for mobiles and tablets
  • Multilingual capability including Chinese and English


Lead Backend: Ervin Musngi
Lead Design & Frontend: Rey Magsino
Design: Sarah Magat
Design: Irina Girshfeld
Video Production: Michelle Wang

Giti Tire was built with:

GMI Post

Completely custom news organization Web Application and Content Management System


The GMI team sought to do something unique: create a website portal for news that integrates news from 2 main sources plus RSS feeds from other main sources, all combined seamlessly with their own produced news. The website needed to filter and segregate news articles depending on their content, region or topics discussed and other parameters. Critically, the website needed to run automatically without any daily guidance or input, thus requiring logic to continuously update and refresh the sections based on algorithm.

GMI prioritized the mobile potential of the website, so full mobile and tablet functionality was to be considered from the very beginning. The design requirements were similarly modern, and they aspired to have a unique design contrasting with common news websites.

Because of the very unique nature of the website and their needs we built a completely custom solution from the ground up. We created a custom Content Management System to control and influence the variables filtering the news, manage incoming news items and override the algorithm default results if desired, and to add GMI's own news items and affect how and where they entered the ongoing new stream.

The solutions were so custom, in fact, that we are prevented by NDA from saying anything further! However visiting their website either on desktop, tablet or mobile will highlight the speed and depth of functionality in this complete news website.

The Culture section is an example of one of several special sections throughout the site that has some distinguishing flair to reflect the special content category.

Business Section Page

The main news sections give headline news across the top and show the latest news in chronological order to provide the most utility with a design that is aesthetically clean and easy to scan.


We delivered:
  • Special algorithms to sort incoming news from multiple sources
  • News filtering by user
  • Custom Content Management System built by Seirim with multiple access levels for GMI editors, journalists and contributors
  • Custom website design
  • Fully responsive for mobiles and tablets


Lead Design: Stephen Schroeder
Lead Backend: Ervin Musngi
Lead Frontend: Rey Magsino

GMI Post was built with:

Zhejiang University

ZJE website is an advanced web portal for the joint program by the prestigious institutions of Zhejiang University and the University of Edinburgh.



The ZJE website includes a student application system for potential attendees to apply to the school via a multi-page questionnaire and document submission process. Likewise the website includes a similar application system for educators to apply for staff and teaching positions at the university.

Our challenge was to completely redesign and build the website from scratch, developing high quality frontend and backend webform, and implementing the application system and job posting system which contained complex logic. We delivered the solution exceeding the client's expectations in a tight time frame to be ready for the admissions schedule of the new school year and in line with both universities' standards. Other pages included university news, faculty team, students life in campus, school calendar etc. Website multilingual with English and Chinese langauge.
The ZJE home page is designed to quickly highlight why the institute should be a top choice for students, and then showcase the many student activities, news and opportunities. Calls to action to apply to the school, sign up for the newsletter or contact the school are prominent.

Event Page

The Events page is an example of a custom content section with advanced backend and frontend features, using a calendar of activities the admins can easily update to announce upcoming activities with students.


We delivered:
  • Complex Student Admissions Application System
  • Staff Employment Application System
  • Backend System for Staff Approving Applications
  • University News
  • University Calendar
  • Ongoing Supprt


Project Manager: Ellick Zhang
Lead Backend: Shirely Wang


Web server: Apache
Develop language: php version 7
Database: Mysql 5
Backend system: Drupal 8, and customized plug-in base on Drupal8
System architecture: Restful structural development


Extensive website and web application for one of the world's largest tire companies main brands


Primewell is a wide-ranging tire brand including tires for passenger cars, trucks and SUV's, commercial vans and buses and long-haul trailer trucks. Our mission was to design a completely new site design and online branding style that fits their niche of a high quality lifestyle brand.

The website also required an array of dynamic features enabling visitors to search for tires via different criteria or information they have available such as car type, wheel size, road and climate conditions, intended usage and more.

After the initial website launch now going live, we continue work on the website to follow up on language globalization adding more langauges and functionality.

The home page was designed to immediately convey their market niche of a wholesome lifestyle brand and invite discovery and quick searchability of their tire products.

Browse Tires Page

The product pages are designed to elegantly show the products and reinforce the lifestlye
niche branding while being very easy to use.


We delivered:
  • Custom website design with extensive iterations
  • User testing to ensure UI/UX quality
  • Web application working with client's product database
  • Fully responsive for mobiles and tablets
  • Multilingual functionality


Lead Design & Frontend: Grant Findlay
Lead Backend: Ervin Musngi
Backend: Dino Liu

Primewell was built with:

GT Radial

Global website at the hub of multiple country sites for the sport- focused tire brand


One of the world's largest tire brands (parent corporate company is Giti), GT Radial needed a new global website to modernize their product and company presentation including functionality for mobiles and tablets.

They were interested to also innovate in the methods to show their products online in their Tire Search, aiming to give their visitors a premium experience to help reflect the sport and high performance aspects of the brand. Also required were new web application functions including a Dealer Locator that quickly gives a visitor driving directions to their nearest GT Radial tire dealership which would work especially well on mobile and in various countries.

Once finished, the global site was to then be replicated and modified by us to create many further individual country websites. In total 25 country websites to be connected to the global website we were to create.

We worked closely with their marketing team to consider a design personality and user experience strategy for the website that would reinforce their offline branding efforts and help drive their overall concept for the tire range. We went through extensive design phases to innovate for them where possible but also keeping in line with their other existing materials and country websites.

We worked with their ongoing corporate use of ASP.NET and their own database, so we needed to coordinate with their own IT department to merge our newly provided site and the web applications with their system. Both the Tire Search and Dealer Locator functions needed to securely connect with their databases of information. To create these new web application functions we used ASP.NET MVC 5, the latest iteration. Our custom functions include both stylistically unique frontend solutions and original backend programming.

A very fast overall site speed and user experience was achieved by using only our own exact coding required for the application and not weighted down by frameworks. Further attention was paid to ensuring the mobile and tablet speeds and user experiences were equally as sharp with all content and functions working very well on mobile.

The GT home page was designed to give users quick access to a broad array of information, quickly search for tires for their particular vehicle, reach specific country websites and more.

Tire Search Pages - Passenger

The Tire Search pages offer unique filtering controls and functions to make the tire search process cool and interesting.


We delivered:
  • Global and country websites linking system
  • Tire search application
  • Driving directions web application
  • Fully responsive for mobiles and tablets


Lead Design: Irina Girshfeld, Grant Findlay
Lead Backend: Ervin Musngi
Lead Frontend: Rey Magsino

GT Radial was built with:

Big Bear Security

Big Bear Safety & Security Management is among the most esteemed corporate security agencies and consultancies in China.


Our mission with the project was to emphasize their long and prestigous history in China serving clients including some of the world's biggest and most respected companies. The website features highlights of their client work and projects, their services and a custom blog.

Website optimized to load fast on mobile as many visitors are 'in the field'. Website multilingual in Chinese and English.

The Culture section is an example of one of several special sections throughout the site that has some distinguishing flair to reflect the special content category.

Big Bear Safety - Projects Page

The main news sections give headline news across the top and show the latest news in chronological order to provide the most utility with a design that is aesthetically clean and easy to scan.


We delivered:
  • Website built to load quickly for mobile visitors
  • Custom projects presentation
  • Comprehensive pages for services
  • Multilingual in Chinese and English
  • Website built quickly for tight client deadline


Lead Design: Stephen Schroeder
Lead Developer: Denis Gutierrez
Supprt Developer: Rey Magsino

Big Bear Security was built with:


The Turtler GPS projects spans a mobile app (see section above) a deep-featured web application, map embedding solutions for showing complex live, static and multi-point maps on third party websites, and Turtler's corporate website with e-commerce purchasing for their app and services.


The web application is built with Angular and serves as the daily portal for administrators using Turtler for employee GPS tracking, automatic timekeeping and billing based on workers' time spent within geofences, live sharing employee and asset locations with clients and the public, bookmarking static locations to share, and much more. Seirim is the principle architect and designer of all of these features and the interface appearing in the soon-to-launch Turtler web application. More information available on their website here: Here is a view of the Turtler web application:

The Turtler interface is the desktop portal to a wide array of incredibly powerful features. Built with Angular.


A key differentiating feature of Turtler is the ability to share live or static locations with anyone even if they do not have the Turtler application on their mobile device. This can be done at public links such as and alternatively the City of Dublin in this example can embed the same map on any page in their website. Visitors to that web page could see the live locations of any bus with a driver using the app.

The maps can also be made custom, showing multiple bookmarked locations all on the same map, and those bookmarks all clickable to open in new tabs for further exploration. Can see an example of such an embedded map below:


Personal users have the same ability as companies live sharing locations of their employee or assets - they can share their live location with friends and family at their public profile links such as where they can also share their bookmarks of favorite places. Private live sharing links can also be generated to share with few individuals with expiration times set. At the public profile page can also share bookmarks they like to make public.


Their website is built for high impact and performance and upon launch users may purchase company and premium versions of the app there.

GT Trucks & Buses

Website is an extension complementing the passenger car tires site of GT Radial.

  • ASP.NET MVC 5 based site with special Tire Search and Dealer Locator features.
  • Fully responsive for mobiles and tablets.

Giti India

Country site specific for Giti in India with multiple features.

  • ASP.NET MVC 5 based site with special Tire Search and Dealer Locator features unique to India.
  • Fully responsive for mobiles and tablets. Built especially for speed on potentially slow connections.

GT Brazil

A customization of the GT Radial site specifically for Brazil.

  • Branching of the GT Radial customized for the Brazilian market and localized Portuguese as the official country website for the tire brand.
  • Connected to main GT website and database specifically for Brazil.

Runway Tires

Tire brand website with many custom design and web application features for the Giti Tire company group.

  • ASP.NET based with multiple features including tire products search and custom designed information pages.
  • Fully responsive for mobiles and tablets.

PGR Auto Design

Custom design and web application for the largest Automotive Engineering Consultancy firm in China.

  • Website features a live jobs database and application system for persons to search available positions and submit their resumes.
  • The site features multiple custom animations and effects and uses WordPress as the backend CMS with customizations to match their needs.

AMC Consulting

AMC Consulting covers a wide range of industry expertise and services to many sectors and they needed a website to cover this well.

  • They required a very fresh yet professional design to appeal to their demanding corporate clients.
  • Website built in Chinese, English and currently adding Thai language.


Browzwear is an industry leader in 3D software for clothes designing, manufacturing and sales.

  • We manage the conversion and launch of the Chinese version of their website in China and contribute to ongoing website maintenance.

Synergy Media

Synergy Media Specialists is a leading media content creation and publishing agency focusing on promoting international investment opportunities.

  • We manage all site redesigning, features enhancement and website management. We have developed their content.


Weiping is a celebrated Chinese artist with many exhibition credits and paintings prominently displayed in several important Chinese national and local institutions including the National Library of China. She is a professor at Shanghai University.

  • We made her website unique, minimal and easy to navigate to focus on her excellent artworks and contact information.


Fumei is one of the largest honey producers in China, and wanted a website with a more global feel to approach more international clients.

  • Website is built with a completely custom CMS and delivered in Chinese and English.


TakesCrypto features the largest searchable database of e-commerce and brick & mortar businesses that accept crypto payments on the web.

  • We compiled the initial content for the database and built the system for extternal users to submit more websites to be added.
  • Built the search function system with advanced filters by store type, specific cryptocurrencies accepted, location and more.

Sure Universal

Sure Universal is the world's most popular "remote control from your phone" application whereby you can control your TV from your phone, for example, among many other devices.

  • We handled their complete website redesign, listings on Amazon, backend admin system and much more.
  • Built and deployed the Chinese version of their website in China.

Search Engine Optimization

In-house, high quality and creative SEO, Search Engine Marketing and PPC services to drive your web presence towards success.

Search Engine Optimization


It’s a quality maxim in SEO that no agency should ever promise a #1 position ranking. The playing field isn’t static: the competition is always also moving forward and the search engines continually change their algorithms.

What we do guarantee and and can show, however, is consistent and impressive progress - that does, yes, often result in #1 search ranking positions.

Critically, we take the long, quality road with our SEO work - we really stay mostly in the content and social marketing lanes for real organic growth that will last. Other agencies will employ trickery for short-term pops, we eschew that completely and focus on building substantive online presences.

For Turtler GPS Ltd., we have focused on:

- Building best-in-industry content for their website and for other websites in their niche. - Building relationships with partner media to promote Turtler’s content, industry perspectives and expertise, - Conducting ‘special projects’ to catch web virality that give incredible boosts to their overall SEO progress.

The proof is in the results - Turtler now ranks in the top 1 through 5 position slots for hundreds of high-value keywords with direct purchasing intentions. These positions have been held globally for up to one year even though they have yet to fully launch their app and services yet.

Sample search result:
“Employee GPS Tracking”

Search Results
Typical search result example for Turtler ranking in top organic positions for the highest value keywords with purchasing intentions in their industry niche.

Video Production,
Editing & Animation

High quality creativity and attention-to-detail for every part of the post-capture video production process to deliver high impact video to your audience.

Video Production

Video Production for Giti Tires

Seirim delivered the concept, animations, voiceover, subtitles and editing to complete this enjoyable video on Giti's environmental awareness and green manufacturing initiatives.
We completed the concept, artwork, animations and editing to deliver this exciting video presenting Giti's sponsorship of the first ever all female team at the German Nürburgring 24 hours races this year.
Delivered the music, audio mixing, editing, animations, and more to produce this inspiring look at Giti's sponsorship in the Dakar Rally.

Video Production for Giti Marketing Events

We created the flipbook animations, general animations, music editing, subtitles and more to produce this grand summary of recent Giti marketing events.
Many complex custom animations, music editing, and care composing to deliver some 'wow' to launch Giti's 'More sMiles' promotional campaign.
Super cool music, video and animations editing to create this very impactful video launching the Giti Summit in Dubai.

Mobile App


Native mobile iOS and Android applications development and services for app store submission, promotion and success.

Mobile App Development


Solar World Time is built to be incredibly robust in that it never fails to show the correct times for world cities and the day/night areas of the world are shown accurately up to the minute. Most all other time zone apps routinely lock up, require being refreshed or simply crash.

We built a better world timer app by not using layers of frameworks that try to make it cheaper and faster to build apps, but too often add bloat, extra dependencies and points of failure. We built Solar World Time in completely native code, both for iOS and Android.

The app has many advanced features: in Android it is a home screen widget so it can always be easily referenced, and in iOS it operates showing live city times and day/night world map in the notifications bar area.

It is available in the Google Play store and the Apple Store. Also has an accompanying website:

Solar World Time - Android Version
Google Play Store
The world time map projects the precise night and day updated every minute, accurately reflecting the differences of seasons and the earth’s inclination towards the sun.
Add up to 8 cities from among the 1000 most populated cities in the world, a selection broad enough to ensure a nearby choice for everyone. All differences in Daylight Savings Time observations, 1/2 hour offsets and more accounted for automatically.
Plenty of customization options including 24 or 12 hour clocks, opacity settings for both the app’s background and for the night area overlaying the map, and a range of map colors.
Solar World Time - iOS Version
App Store
Solar World Time includes the top 1000 cities by population, ensuring plenty of reference points to choose from around the world.
The app appears in the ‘Today View’ notifications bar and can be expanded to show up to 8 cities or minimized showing only 2 and a smaller map.
Plenty of customization options including 24 or 12 hour clocks, opacity settings for both the app’s background and for the night area overlaying the map, and a range of map colors.

Case Study: Turtler GPS app

Our pièce de résistance is the soon-to-launch Turtler application for employee and asset GPS tracking. This app delivers location tracking and sharing between employers and employees, and companies with their audience and clients.

It facilitates automated, location based employee timekeeping, hours tracking for client billing of time spent on-site, security tracking for employee safety and much more.

Absolute privacy and security for both employee’s personal privacy rights is a key distinguishing feature of the app, as it does not allow surreptitious monitoring of employees without their knowledge, or after hours, or outside of determined work zones.

The application is built completely natively in-house by Seirim without using supporting frameworks, and also performs as an online web application. Many features work without any use of the mobile app required, such as an audience can view live locations promoted by a company in browser links. Visit for much more information.

Turtler GPS Ltd. Mobile App
Advanced sharing features for sharing location with company teams, friends, family, groups with automatic times expiry, public and private limited and more.
Bookmarks share locations with public or friends and can include helpful info like descriptions, images and links.
Bookmarks view showing expanded content can attach and advanced sharing options.