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SEIRIM is trusted worldwide by forward-thinking companies to help keep their digital worlds secure.


Step by Step Cybersecurity Defense Setup and Tools for SME's

Follow these steps and consider these tools to get your company cyber secure.

Top 10 Cybersecurity Best Practices for Website Owners

As a website owner, cybersecurity should be a top priority.

Open Source Cybersecurity

Check the open source options first to save your company money!







We are dedicated to helping small companies stay protected from cyber attacks and data loss.

At SEIRIM we are philosophically driven in regards to cybersecurity. We have a strong disdain for malicious actors and their selfish attacks on society.

We know it sounds hyperbolic, but it's true, and it is what drives us to help companies safeguard their operations and data. Our goal is to help companies defend their information and communications as strongly as possible.

We believe that every company has the right to achieve a level of security whereby all the IT systems they rely on are safe from being undermined.

Delivering affordable professional cybersecurity services for SME’s.

As a small company ourselves, we are focused on helping bring affordable cybersecurity to all sizes of companies and budgets. There is too large a gap in accessble cybersecurity services for small and medium sized companies, while at the same time attacks on them are increasing.

In this environment, we are dedicated to delivering affordable, transparent cybersecurity consulting and services - at the right level for any company. We are available from small consultations or batches of service to more full-time engagements to help complement a company's internal security framework.

Serving Shanghai and Beyond

We are led by a US citizen providing web application development and cybersecurity services in Shanghai, China for over a decade. Our team members are located locally in Shanghai, in other Chinese cities, in a Philippines office, and India.

We are able to work on-premises in these areas, anywhere in Asia on contract or remotely.



Our software and web app developers have been hardening websites and infrastructure for over a decade. We hold top cybersecurity certifications such as: OSCP, OSWP, ISO 27001 Lead Auditor, Security+, programs from IBM, Cisco, Fortinet and many more. Contact us for full list.


We regularly compete (and sometimes win!) in Capture the Flag competitions and Bug Bounty challenge programs helping companies find vulnerabilities in their infrastructure. We have found bugs for Fortune 500 companies including major Silicon Valley household names.


We are a small (18 pax) agency geared to give you dedicated, in-person support in Shanghai and immediate action online worldwide. Our analysts span East Asia, Central Asia and Europe. We’re available 24/7, 365 days a year ready to help you via phone, email and live chat.


We take great pride in delivering robust, resilient and efficient solutions that give our clients increased confidence in their IT infrastructures. We endeavor for our clients to know they are in good hands with us and that we have their back no matter what IT and security challenges they may face.


We recognize that successful cybersecurity relies on vigilance, discipline and consistent attention to details. One error or gap can lead to losses, so we take a serious, thorough approach in all of the work we do. We implement overlapping checks, systems and methods to ensure we are delivering high quality solutions our clients can be confident in.

For incidents requiring a rapid response please send email to and our on call cybersecurity analysts will attend to you asap.


+86 152 2188 2181


Shanghai: 126 Quxi Lu, Room #301, Huangpu District, Shanghai 200011