CURRENT ARTICLE:  Top 88 Chinese Websites and Mobile Apps

Top 88 Chinese Websites and Mobile Apps

Alladin Legaspi // Last Updated: 07 September 2016

Ever wonder who is who and what is what in China's internet and mobile digital landscape? It is easy to get them all confused so here we have a complete overview of the top Chinese websites and mobile apps broken down into the following main categories that reflect China's online and mobile consumption trends

Table of Contents - Chinese Websites: 

Table of Contents - Chinese Mobile Applications:

Top 10 Financial & Personal Services Websites


About: Founded in 2005, has more than 27 top-down distributing companies in first and second tier cities in China. Aims to provide local community services and free category information just like Craigslist but if you pay they will display your information at the first rank.

Strengths: Free and covers all kind of local services. Large advertising spending so a lot of people know the website.


About: Founded in 20005, the biggest car-related website in the world. Autohome provides all kinds of information about cars, such as buying/using/maintaining cars, etc. Basically everything you can think of cars.

Strengths: Comprehensive and free information about cars, they have a good relationship with famous car companies, provide good service for customers and create original valuable articles about cars.


About: Founded in 1996, owned by China Finance Online and listed on the Nasdaq, the first website providing finance services in China, the most professional investing and financing platform. This company believes “financing and investing make investor more rich, technology make investor more freeâ€Â.

Strengths: The first professional financing and investing website of China's internet, the first one providing finance information via messages. Has big advantage in technology and customers.


About: Founded in 1999, has big market share in finance-related websites, providing 7*24 hours breaking news about financing and investing, including stock/bond/funds/futures for individuals and companies. Covering more than 80% important financial meetings.

Strengths: Providing free mobile financing information and customized stock investment services. You can know the market shifting wherever you are.


About: Founded in 2004, one of the highest trafficked and influential financing and securities web portals. Persists in providing authentic and professional website content. Updating financing information every minute its goal is “no weekend, news never stays still overnightâ€Â. Aiming to build the most popular interactive platform based on customer requirements.

Strengths: Protecting customers privacy, updating information faster, website content protection.


About: Founded in 2005, a professional category information website, providing renting/second handed goods selling/employing/used car selling etc., just like and Craigslist. Actually the two big information display website and are now merged into one group company.

Strengths: Free information display platform, big spending in advertising the website.


About: Founded in 1996, stands out from the former financing and stock information services, built the first top-down financing website, more than 72% users in this website are high-income people. They are the only website who has the internet news service license , internet information/video and audio distributing license, and securities investment consulting website license.

Strengths: High income users, sponsors high-end financing and investment meetings, has strong relationships with other giant companies.


About: Founded in 2005, the first website showing free category information in China. More than one hundred million active users every month. This website just like and the CEO worked in Microsoft company for six years.

Strengths: Embracing mobile traffic and free for API, going public on “new three boardâ€Â stock market in China.


About: The first local community information web portal in Shenzhen, providing local news and information for citizens in Shenzhen, including information on food, entertainment, coupons, shows and other activities, covers almost everything happening in daily life.

Strengths: Building a local community online, dedicated in providing information happened in people’s living environment.


About: A website providing weather information for the public, showing weather information of more than 14000 cities with weather predictions out to 14 days. In addition, the website also provides live weather information of more than 5000 weather stations around the world.

Strengths: Providing comprehensive weather information , updating every second, cooperating with newspaper/broadcast/television companies.

Top 10 E-commerce Websites


About: Subsidiary company of Alibaba group, most popular e-commerce platform in China, has about 500 million registered member, more than 60 million visitors and more than 800 million pieces of products online every day, selling 480 thousand pieces of products every minute. Also the Taobao app is very popular.

Strengths: Free to open shop since 2003 when it was founded, easy to shop and safe to pay, can buy anything you can think of at a cheaper price.


About: The largest platform of self-operating B2C company, self-owning shop by website company who purchase from factories and sell on their own website, while allowing other companies or individuals to sell on the website, this is biggest difference from

Strengths: Professional electronics selling website, great logistics service, can make “purchasing at morning, delivered to you at afternoonâ€Â happen.


About: Subsidiary company of Alibaba group, a B2B platform, Chinese companies mostly selling bulk products to another Chinese companies or individuals, its goal is “to make it easy to do business anywhereâ€Â, some individuals source products from here, then re-sell it on, buy low and sell high, make a profit. Just like , another subsidiary company of Alibaba group, its aim to wholesale to international company.

Strengths: Chinese local wholesale platform, selling at a cheaper price, and cover every kind of products on the website.


About: Just like, a wholesale B2B platform, companies can do business here, help small company sell products , but it’s not popular among young individual.

Strengths: Smaller than, but provides good services for companies, they always care about small companies.


About: Founded in 2008 by former Dell senior executives, the first online supermarket in China, become the biggest B2C food e-commerce website since 2013, sold to on June 2016.

Strengths: Has seven big logistics center in China, and the biggest automatic B2C warehouse in the south of China. Great PIS system and integrated supply chain.


About: Founded in 1999, selling books online at first, then spreading to sell other kinds of products, become a famous comprehensive B2C website, just like how Amazon evolved.

Strengths: Selling e-books, creating a digital book reading ecosystem, built “silver river number oneâ€Â logistics center to deliver goods to customers faster and faster.


About: Founded in 2010, a group buying website, its goal is “buying one time, more beautiful â€Â, showing customers reliable shops, providing good services with low price. For merchants, bringing a lot of customers to their shops. Just like Yelp, but providing more services than Yelp does. Almost every mobile phone will install this Meituan app.

Strengths: Good services with lower prices, going into market at the very beginning, offering cheaper cinema tickets.


About: Another group buying website, similar to the previous one, but dipping into the business pool later than, that’s why they have less market share. Owned by Baidu which is one of the biggest tech company in China, throwing big money to sponsor customers to compete with

Strengths: Even cheaper than, and providing good service including all kinds of business area, technical level backed by Also have a popular mobile app.


About: Owned by Huawei company which is one of world’s top 500 company, and has the biggest mobile market share in China, selling products made by Huawei company, almost including all kinds of technical products, to make sure buying the authentic Huawei products, customer will always go to Huawei official website.

Strengths: Huawei has the biggest mobile market share in China, this website provides authentic products to let customers rest assured they are buying the real products and products will be delivered to customers’ houses. Convenient and safe.


About: Amazon China, formerly Founded by Leijun (Xiaomi mobile founder), acquired by Amazon in 2004, changed the name into Amazon China. Selling everything just like in USA.

Strengths: Good service, concise website page, customer-oriented company, have a lot of Kindle supporters.

Top 10 Entertainment & Leisure Websites


About: Founded in 2006, its goal is “the fastest is the kingâ€Â, value visitor's experience, always perfect their services strategy. One of the video area companies who were invested more than 1 billion RMB in China. It’s free for everyone, has abundant videos, smoothly running video, quick search and can upload while videoing. Also has a very popular app.

Strengths: Free and abundant videos, a lot of original video created by website, quick response, and people can upload their videos, just like YouTube.


About: Going online in 2009, sponsored by China Central Television, broadcast and video program content of country internet. Deploying internet video distributing system in the world, already cover more than 210 countries.

Strengths: Authentic portal of government's voice, backed by big money, have less restrictions on video content which means can broadcast any videos they want.


About: Founded in 2005, pioneer and the most influential internet video platform in China. believes in the imagination and creativity of young people who can create a lot of videos to express their opinions about themselves, life and the world. and were merged into one group in 2012.

Strengths: Aiming to build a video website young people like mostly, and believing young people can create a lot of interesting video. Its motto is “youth, personality, autonomous, interestingâ€Â.


About: Founded in 2010, its motto is “enjoy the high qualityâ€Â, active to bring up the creativity of product, technology, content and advertisement, providing abundant, high definition, smooth professional video experience. This company really emphasis on brand of quality, youth and modern, young people always go to this website to see their favorite TV shows.

Strengths: Investing big money to buy copyright of new TV shows aimed to attract to young people. Providing abundant and first hand high quality videos for their paid VIP and good services offline.


About: Pioneer and leader of online entertainment game in China, insisting on improving visitors experience, free for all kinds of safe/healthy/interesting games, always updating services strategy to keep up with modern world.

Strengths: Cover all kinds of games, is very fast.


About: Founded in 2002, the biggest original literary website, belongs to China Reading Limited which is the biggest digital content comprehensive platform in China. Original articles are the life of this website.

Strengths: Providing abundant original literary content for VIP subscribers , convening a lot of internet novel writers to create interesting novels. Encourages writers creativity by paying them well and readers can also give bonuses to writers. In the end, writers earn well and readers happily read novels.


About: Founder graduated from MIT, sponsored internet content services for Beijing Olympics in 2008, more than 100 millions registered, the first one rely on authorized edition long video to attract visitors, buying copyrights of American comedic TV shows. Now working with actors to create a lot of TV shows by themselves.

Strengths: Insisting on self-created TV shows encouraging users to upload their videos online, investing big money to upgrade equipments and services.


About: Still in fast growing phase, concise website page, covers all games, high standard compiling, has become a lot of game players go-to-website. has built more than 200 online games communities, creating 5-10 kinds of high quality games every year. This company also create YY voice software, you can talk to other game player while playing, it’s very popular.

Strengths: Concise webpage, high standard games and YY voice software.


About: a famous portal of MMORPG, 17173 is game players' favorite access to information and communication. As an authorized internet game medium, 17173 has held 6 “China MMORPG Marketing Investigations" and 3 “China MMORPG Company Investigations" together with CGPA, Iresearch and other famous internet media. The statistics from these investigations were widely referred by official media.

Strengths: Buyout by SOHU in 2003, rocket soaring ever since that year, sponsors a lot of public benefit activities to improve company image.


About: The first video website who goes public on NASDAQ from China. They lay emphasis on users uploading videos, fund money to help video-capturer to create good video, they also create original programs like talk shows, singing contests, internet micro movies etc.

Strengths: UGC, and internet micro movies.

Top 10 Sports & Fitness Websites


About: Sports program of, covers all kinds of sports news/pics/videos, visitors can access this sports program in the portal of They real-time broadcasted NBA games which attracted a lot of young people, but Tencent company bought the copyright of NBA game online distributing, big loss for Sina sports.

Strengths: Real-time broadcasted NBA games, brings a lot of traffic into this sports program, professional team updating sports news all the time.


About: A sports gambling website, can buy lottery tickets online, people who want to get rich quick often check out this website, they will show the newest information about lotteries and also provide lottery graphs to predict jackpot.

Strengths: The largest platform selling online gamble ticket and showing lottery information real-time.


About: Sports program of Tencent company which is one of the biggest network companies in China. Spent 700 million dollar in copyright of real-time NBA games online distributing, create high quality TV show, work with other famous talents to build creative program to attract visitors.

Strengths: Backed by Tencent company, invests big money to create the first hand videos, copyright of NBA games broadcasting.


About: Founded in 2004, its mission is “spreading sports spirit, encouraging people, contributing to sports industry of Chinaâ€Â. A professional sports marketing company with abundant resources and talents. A lot of sports communities where sports fans talk about recent games and other trivia.

Strengths: Communities convening a lot of experienced sports fans. Arranging a lot of offline games and activities.


About: Sports program of, bring a lot of traffic through portal of, high compiling skills make website page look beautiful and inserting pics with written content to improve reading experiences.

Strengths: Good compiling skills and often interviewing famous sports people.


About: Founded in 2007, doesn’t create any sports program, covering all kinds of sports video, especially NBA and football game, providing path to real-time game broadcasting, this website just put all kinds of sports-related link and information together, visitor can easily find what they want to watch.

Strengths: Put all sports-related link together, built a good category to easily find .


About: Founded in 2001, the first one who provides online gamble lottery services in China, created a complete business model system of selling lottery online. Went public in New York in 2013. Showing the latest lottery information, hires a bunch of experts analyzing lotteries and recommend which one should buy.

Strengths: Pioneer and have a strong technology team to build and maintain the system and personalized services


About: Another lottery website, founded in 1999, internet information publication platform of China welfare lottery issuing management center, work with government branch. Building a good lottery image, and improving publicity and credibility of China welfare lottery, developing a healthy business strategy.

Strengths: Authentic, related with government branch.


About: Just like other sports websites, this is also a sports program of which is a big network company in China. Covering all kinds of sports information, concise webpage, providing good services, create some original content.

Strengths: Bring traffic through portal of, good compiling skills, original contents.


About: Founded in 2005, based on top-rank football data provider, combine lottery and security industry talent resources together to build a online lottery ticket selling platform. Providing all kinds of information including predicting lottery numbers and showing skills how to choose lottery numbers.

Strengths: High-end talents and working with big group, real time update news.

Top 10 Tourism and Travel Websites


About: Founded in 1999, an online ticket business services company, booking hotel/plane ticket/resort tickets in one click, has more than 90 million registered users, succeeds in merging high technology into traditional tourism industry.

Strengths: Spends big money in advertising, has a strong relationship with airline companies and hotels, providing 7*24 hours services.


About: Providing internet map searching services, covers more than 400 cities and thousands of districts and counties in China, users can search anything in it, even providing more services than Google maps. If you want to rent a house nearby, you can also pull up the map, click the button to search ready-to-rent houses near wherever you are.

Strengths: Free and providing all kinds of services, showing real world scene pictures in complicated crossroad when driving.


About: Founded in 2006, an advanced independent travel guide services platform. Its core is “independent travelâ€Â, providing travel strategy, travel Q&A, tourism comments for more than 60 thousand tourist destinations around the world. People share their experiences and pictures from their travels.

Strengths: Helps tourists make travel plans and free to share anything while you are traveling.


About: Founded in 2006 to “make touring easierâ€Â, provides tourist products, booking services, covers all kinds of services with transparent prices, 365*24 hours hotline services. Striking cooperative deals with other tourism groups to quickly capture the market.

Strengths: Transparent prices and personalized services, working together with other tourist group sharing strategy resources.


About: Founded in 2005, a tourist search engine of online travel website, just like previous tourist websites, providing all kinds of tourist services, and special price tickets and admission tickets. and merged into one group, share their resources to attack the market.

Strengths: Tourist search engine, tourists can compare different prices of airlines and hotels.


About: China railroad customer services center, government branch, providing all kinds of train ticket services, searching remains of train ticket, time of riding, freight rates etc. You can find all the authentic information here. Also providing tourist plans for customers to choose.

Strengths: Government branch ,authentic, easy to book ticket, concise webpage.


About: Founded in 2009,providing integrated e-commerce business services for the travel industry, help traditional tourist companies go online to keep up with internet world. Convening more than 50 thousand travel agencies together, showing the most fascinating tourist plans to users.

Strengths: Convening offline travel agencies to provide abundant services for users, professional market platform for tourist products.


About: Another online travel services provider, comprehensive map searching, 360 degree full view of hotels, hotspots for travel destinations and comments from other tourists. The first one working with more than 200 thousand hotel since 2011. Working with PayPal since 2013, spreading business into overseas.

Strengths: Working with more than 200 thousand hotels across the world, often providing special prices for hotels, personalized services for particular age groups.


About: Founded in 2004, advanced leisure travel online services provider, more than 12,000 employees, its new goal is to sell online scenic region tickets and short independent trip. Working with Agricultural Bank of China with a large investment. Other services just like other tourist websites provide.

Strengths: Working with bank, good marketing management.


About: Founded in 2006, providing real street scene map website, leader of three-dimensional panorama industry. Its founder company provided services for Framestore, CFC, NASA, Intel, Siemens, FBI, Harvard etc. Also can search the routes of buses and the subway system.

Strengths: Concise webpage, high technology talents, providing 360 degree panorama city streets scene.

Top 8 Medical & Health Websites


About: Founded in 1999, committed to building a service platform for public people and professional medical workers. Spreading concept of “high quality life, health goes first", make a influence in standard hospitalizing and rational drug use.

Strengths: Sense of social responsibility, working with a lot of famous doctors, abundant medical information.


About: Went online in 2000, covering all kinds of health and medical related information, spreading healthy concepts, its goal is “make everyone in the world more healthy", the leading health portal in China. Won the first Chinese health website access to the capital markets.

Strengths: Working with high-end hospitals and experienced doctors.


About: Founded in 2004, comprehensive online homeland of health consulting, virtual community, BBS and blog, service concept is “, your personal family doctorâ€Â, lay emphasis on users’ experiences, convening thousands of medical experts.

Strengths: Interactive platform, providing health advice, directly communicate with doctor online.


About: Founded in 1998, one of the most valued health websites. Its goal is to build health via new media of the most authoritative, professional and abundant information. Most users are youth and high-income adults who are used to receive information online and active to share their own experiences.

Strengths: Active users, presenting the latest medical science information, good services.


About: Founded in 1999, supported by government health bureau, grows fast with big money and abundant resources. Working with medical companies to advertise their service. Put all means of communication and operation together, providing health consulting, health messages and multimedia video health education.

Strengths: Covers all and providing services for medical companies, innovation and care.


About: Founded in 2009, devoted to providing high quality health information services, and building a platform to let patients and doctors communicate. Working with hundreds of professional hospitals, medical agencies. Also there is food program on the website, which can give some suggestions on how to eat healthily and what to eat .

Strengths: Professional, convenient, thoughtful, fair ranking of category hospitals.


About: Founded in 2006, advanced leading active platform of medical information and patients. Providing all kinds of health-related information for patients, built a real time update outpatient services searching system.

Strengths: Supported by strong technology, showing fair and objective advice.


About: Founded in 2002, its original idea is to make it easy to search important information from across the internet for China medical school students and professional medical workers. Doesn't have any commercial sponsors, maintaining their original concept of “independent, non-profit and purely academicâ€Â to serve others.

Strengths: Non-profit, professional and purely academic.

Top 5 Communication & Chat Apps

1. WeChat

About: Rollout in 2011, developed by Tencent. Providing free instant messaging for smart phones, people can send messages, video, pics and letters across different mobile telecom carriers and operating system platforms. More than 600 million users. You can do everything here, buy ticket, order dinner, call a taxi, pay phone bill, transfer money, purchase products etc. You name it.

Strengths: Powerful functionality, can do everything in just one app.

2. qq

About: Rollout in 1999, developed by Tencent. An instant communication network tool, providing online chat, video calls, send files, share files, cloud, email etc. Installed in computer at first, then many smart phone installed it when internet developed. Copied ICQ at first, then became more powerful.

Strengths: Powerful functionality, covers all kind of services, easy to use.

3. Sina Weibo

About: Microblog, rollout in 2009, just like Twitter and Facebook, people can share what they see, what they hear etc. in a limited number of letters. Alibaba group is major shareholder. Celebrities, medias, colleges, companies etc. all have opened their public account here to publish the first hand news.

Strengths: Easy to use, can share anything from anywhere, exclusive news and public platform.

4. Pepper Live Streaming

About: Rollout in 2015, devoted to high quality content and inviting celebrities to live stream to attract visitors. More than 5 million active users every day, still growing fast. Younger people can watch their favorite celebrities here and even talk to them.

Strengths: Inviting celebrities to live stream, working with other big companies to share different views. Live streaming many big events.

5. YY live

About: Another live app, live streaming big concerts and talent shows. Inviting some beautiful girlss to sing and communicate with visitors. Most game players install this app to talk to each other when they are teaming up in a game and also live stream how to play a game.

Strengths: Inviting beautiful girls to sing, live stream games.

Top 5 News Apps

1. TouTiao

About: Rollout in 2012, more than 530 million active users. Based on personalized recommendation search engine technology, you can choose to watch what kind of news you like to watch. If users login in with their social media account, this app can instantly suggest what you like to watch.

Strengths: Personalized news, strong technology support, easy to use, news publication platform.

2. Wangyi news

About: Developed by Wangyi company, providing news reading, BBS replying, pics and highlight breaking news updates, covers all kinds of news, even presenting weather on the front page.

Strengths: Updating fast, has its own characteristics, easy to use and concise.

3. tiantian newsflash

About: A personalized reading and happily teasing news app, this app can analyze what users like to watch, recommend some good content, just like other news apps do. Its slogan is “watch whatever you wanna watch, say whatever you wanna sayâ€Â.

Strengths: Interactive community, covers breaking news.

4. yidian news

About: Living for interest and merge searching into personalized recommendation technological engine. Just like other news app, choose particular area news you want to subscribe, and the app will learn to know what you really like depend on what you publish and click.

Strengths: Strong technical background, let the machine learn what users like.

5. Nanfang plus

About: Developed by Nanfang Media Group which is one of the biggest news media organizations in China. Covering breaking news 24*7 hours, providing original, authentic and deep-analyzed news, live stream hotspot news, laying emphasis on exclusive news, have more than 2000 professional editors.

Strengths: App platform of big news media, backed by a big team, lots of professional editors.

Top 5 Household & Livelihood Apps

1. Alipay

About: Rollout in 2004, advanced third party payment platform, just like PayPal in one way, but providing lots of other services. Devoted to providing “simple, secure and fastâ€Â payment. Working with more than 180 banks and VISA, MasterCard etc. You can use this app to buy ticket, invest money, pay bills etc.

Strengths: Cover all kinds of services you can think of, easy and secure to use.

2. eleme

About: Established in 2009, a professional food order O2O platform, covering more than 200 cities in China, producing more than 1 million orders every day, its mission is to build a comprehensive digital food ecosystem, providing convenient services for customers.

Strengths: Easy to order with one click, and can search any food restaurants near you.


About: An operation payment and internet finance business brand of China Telecom company. Another third party payment platform. You can pay all the bills, buy tickets, recharge subway card etc. Working with banks and insurance companies, its goal is “technology serves people, innovation changes lifeâ€Â.

Strengths: Backed by large investments and strong advertising.

4. China Union Mobile Business Lobby

About: Developed by another big telecom company, China Union. Can check phone bill, traffic flow and buy mobile phone number etc. Users can take care of all kinds of phone-related services on this app.

Strengths: Easy to use, can handle any kinds of service by phone users themselves.

5. lianjia

About: A real-estate transaction app, users can find any second hand house, new house and rental house, providing transparent price lists and exclusive market analysis. If you subscribe to one particular community, this app will notify you if there is any house-related information.

Strengths: High quality service, lots of physical stores.

Top 5 Photography & Video Recording Apps

1. kuaishou

About: Rollout in 2011, making and sharing GIF pics was the main function at the beginning. Starting to change its business route since 2012 when they started to pave a way to become a video social community. More than 100 million registered users.

Strengths: Share interesting short videos, can republish to third party platform. Beautify what you capture in the camera.

2. tiantian P tu

About: developed by Tencent, a comprehensive and practical picture beautifying app. It can make people look more beautiful while taking selfies. Applying facial measurement techniques, features location and image processing techniques. Growing crazily at the beginning of 2015, raised up a COS tide in Asia, ranking number one in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and Vietnam at AppStore at that time.

Strengths: High tech facial recognition techniques, modern, and easy to use.

3. xiuxiu

About: Rollout in 2008, a free picture processing app, very easy to use, add special effects, beautifying, puzzle etc. It will make pictures look beautiful even if you are rookie of photography.

Strengths: Adding lots of special effects onto pictures.

4. meiyan.

About: A selfie app, aimed towards girls who like to take selfies. Automatically adding effects to make your face look smoother and white. There is no ugly girl in the pictures taken by this app. It can capture girl's features and even make face look smaller, eyes bigger etc.

Strengths: Advanced video capturing beautifying techniques.

5. meipai

About: Rollout in 2014, high beauty value mobile live steam and popular original video sharing app, ranking number one at free apps billboard of AppStore in the first 24 days since going online. It has abundant videos contents, covering humor, makeup, food, music, dance, eating etc. People always can find what they like here.

Strengths: Covering all kinds of programs, inviting famous people do live show.

Top 5 Travel & Map Apps

1. amap

About: Rollout in 2002, advanced digital map content, navigation and location services solution provider. Its core value is high quality digital database. You can find any restaurants/ movie theater/ hotel etc. with this map. You won’t get lost if you installed this app.

Strengths: Quick response, covering 364 cities in China, updating often.

2. Didi Taxi

About: Rollout in 2012, covering taxi, personalized taxi, express car and ride sharing etc. Competing with its rival Uber, but Didi bought Uber China in August 2016. Then no one can compete with Didi in taxi industry. We can go anywhere with cheaper price than traditional taxi, and more convenient, which is very popular.

Strengths: Cheaper and convenient with good services. High technology support.

3. jsyks 12123

About: Rollout in 2015, providing all kinds of car related services, make a car checking appointment, certification handling, pay bills, and search road-related information etc. It really makes your driving more convenient and simple.

Strengths: Covering all the kinds of car-related information and services.

4. suanya

About: An app for automatically searching and booking train tickets, monitoring how many tickets remaining, updating real-time with government train database. It makes booking ticket more convenient and simple.

Strengths: Easy to use and automatically booking ticket.

5. iCarsclub

About: Rollout in 2012, a rental car app. Its goal is to build private car sharing platform. If people own a car, but he won’t use in next few days, the car just parked in garage, which is totally waste, but now we can put our car on this app, let other people drive it. You can just collect money when you sit at home.

Strengths: Car sharing concept, 24*7 online services, working with insurance companies.

Top 5 Reading & Audio Books Apps

1. easou

About: Free to read thousands of books, aim to internet reading. Covering all kinds of novels, can download the book offline, so you can read the books wherever you are, even without the internet connection.

Strengths: Grouping all books resources together, free for all, offline books.

2. kuaikanmanhua

About: Rollout in 2014, a cartoon reading app. You can read some funny cartoon here. Abandon traditional flip-over reading habits, you can just scroll down to read sequential serials. Updating every day, you can read one interesting story within one minute.

Strengths: Original cartoon content and short/funny cartoon stories.

3. zhangyue

About: Concentrate on mobile reading niche, can read almost every kind of book format. More than 500 million users, working with more than 300 original content producing agencies, updating 1000 million letters every day.

Strengths: Advanced typesetting, covering all kinds of book formats.


About: Rollout in 2010, combining reading and interactive sessions together. Covering all kinds of books, more than 430 thousand copies which can be listened to audibly. More than 4.2 million registered users. Can share any books you like to your social media.

Strengths: Voiced digital books.

5. ximalaya FM

About: Rollout in 2013, an audio sharing platform. More than 200 million users, the fastest growing and biggest online audio sharing platform. Recording more than 15 million records. Users can listen what they like program when going to work, on the way back home or do fitness.

Strengths: Audio sharing platform, lots of programs. Updating fast.


We hope this compilation of the top 88 Chinese websites and apps has been informative and useful for you! The statistics for the rankings were compiled from the following resources:

For the website ranking info the source is the most authoritative website who will combine ranking from Alexa , Baidu and PR values to get a comprehensive ranking billboard for website traffic.

Apps were measured from the following sources and cross-referenced for the most downloads, active users and previous installs:



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