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Introducing Cyber.Report Cybersecurity News and Discussion Board

Stephen Schroeder // Last Updated: 05 July 2021

We're excited to announce Cyber.Report - a SEIRIM-built, daily curated "best of" and "must know" cybersecurity headline news website featuring news about the latest attacks, issues and research to be aware of in the industry.

And we're further excited for SEIRIM to be listed as one of the top 30 cybersecurity companies listed at DesignRush. Bonus!

Handpicked and Curated

Every article is handpicked by our cybersecurity team to focus on the most relevant, important and interesting news daily. 

Our analysts and consultants are reading all the top blogs, news sites threat intelligence feeds and more to select the top news that busy professionals can't miss. We are filtering out all the filler articles and scanning for only the best of the best for your convenience.


The Best Cybersecurity News and Blog Sources

SEIRIM is curating the headlines from only the most trusted and respected sources, and we list them here as a running "best cybersecurity news websites, blogs and sources" collection we manually highlight articles from:

Do you know any more we should be checking daily? Let us know at and we'll take a close look.

Stay safe, stay secure, and make sure to check out to stay on top of all the latest cybersecurity headline news.




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Introducing Cyber.Report Cybersecurity News and Discussion Board

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