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Hot New China Websites

S.R. Schroeder // Last Updated: 27 May 2022

The Chinese internet audience and environment is distinct from any other.

The language and its syntax is obviously unique, but there are many special requirements and peculiarities in the country that require attention to detail and often custom coding and attention. Some of these include:

  1. ICP License - This is a registration process and evidence of such that needs to be shown at the bottom of every page of a website that is hosted on servers in China. We've been helping clients get their ICP licenses for years.
  2. Servers - To best serve China it isn't always required to use a server in China, but it is if you need to:
    • Collect data from local Chinese individuals or businesses
    • Collect online payments from local Chinese
  3. Local Assets - Due to some web services, tools and platforms being less accessible in China it's necessary to use workarounds utilizing China-focused alternatives
  4. Style and UX - Chinese users have different stylistic, layout UX preference differences. Thye are ok with much higher information density layouts on desktops for example, and there are UX pattern differences when using mobile devices.
  5. Communication Platforms - Chinese users have all their own social media and communication platforms, but it's not just a difference in which platform but also a difference in protocols, as in China there is a stronger preference for using a phone number as the personal identifier compared to using email addresses, for example, or for using QR codes over links, and so on.

At SEIRIM we're regularly helping clients convert and customize their global websites for China. Here are a few recent project examples:

H-Farm China

H-Farm is a super innovative education center in northeastern Italy featuring a wide variety of educational programs for everyone from aspiring youths, bachelor's and master's degree programs, executive master's programs and much more. 

H-Farm China new website >>

GIVI China

A super cool, premium Italian manufacturer and brand of motorcycle accessories and equipment. Mostly known for their quite robust hard and soft luggage cases can attach on motorcycles for taking extended trips. 

GIVI China new website >>


Another premium Italian manufacturer, but this time more "under the hood" with specialized electrical and mechanical industrial parts like solenoid coils. Their highly specialized parts used in everything from rugged mining equipment to space satellites.

ATAM China new website >>

CS Global Partners

Legal advisors working in the highly specialized area of residency and citizenship by investment solutions, CS Global Parters from the UK have been helping investors worldwide find the right second citizenship or residency arrangement for their needs.

CS Global Partners new China website >>


And last but certainly not least, we helped the OEM manufacturers of a lot of the world's beekeeping equipment build a new e-commerce website for their new line of self-branded products. The website is in Chinese for their local market but also Korean and English for the global markets. Features thousands of products and uses Magento.

MyBee-Hive new China website >>


Does your company need a new, highly cybersecure and customized website for China? Contact us at SEIRIM in Shanghai for all your web development needs and let us know!




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