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China's Lead in App Tech and Functionality

Internet and Digital Technological Advancement in China: what you really need to know to catch up.

Top 88 Chinese Websites and Mobile Apps

Ever wonder who is who and what is what in China's internet and mobile digital landscape?

8 Lessons from Chinese Internet Superstars

Learn from China's internet stars that are innovating in new directions.

Review of the Chinese Internet Leaders and Environment

“ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” has been popular throughout the summer of 2014. The first Ice Bucket Challenge reported is the one did...

Hot New China Websites

S.R. Schroeder // Last Updated: 2022-05-27

The Chinese internet audience and environment is distinct from any other.

The language and its syntax is obviously unique, but there are many special requirements and peculiarities in the country that require attention to detail and often custom coding and attention. Some of these include:

  1. ICP License - This is a registration process and evidence of such that needs to be shown at the bottom of every page of a website that is hosted on servers in China. We've been helping clients get their ICP licenses for years.
  2. Servers - To best serve China it isn't always required to use a server in China, but it is if you need to:
    • Collect data from local Chinese individuals or businesses
    • Collect online payments from local Chinese
  3. Local Assets - Due to some web services, tools and platforms being less accessible in China it's necessary to use workarounds utilizing China-focused alternatives
  4. Style and UX - Chinese users have different stylistic, layout UX preference differences. Thye are ok with much higher information density layouts on desktops for example, and there are UX pattern differences when using mobile devices.
  5. Communication Platforms - Chinese users have all their own social media and communication platforms, but it's not just a difference in which platform but also a difference in protocols, as in China there is a stronger preference for using a phone number as the personal identifier compared to using email addresses, for example, or for using QR codes over links, and so on.

China's Lead in App Tech and Functionality

S.R. Schroeder // Last Updated: 2016-10-25

Development and implementation of internet and digital technology has been growing rapidly in China. Within a relatively short period of 20 years, the number of Chinese internet users has grown tremendously from less than 1 million in 1997 to 710 million in 2016, and from the simple use of the web browser, Chinese users now lead the world in e-commerce activities.

Such is the pace of development that it may not be so absurd to postulate that China has outpaced and leapfrogged the West in terms of technological advancement. Sure, Silicon Valley would likely remain the cradle of technological innovations of concepts and prototypes. It is however the bold implementation and eventual assimilation of technology in everyday life in China that offers a true measure of advancement, a meaningful insight into technology at work and a glimpse into the future for those left behind. Backed by a big population, China has developed her own sustainable ecosystem.

Top 88 Chinese Websites and Mobile Apps

Alladin Legaspi // Last Updated: 2016-09-07

Ever wonder who is who and what is what in China's internet and mobile digital landscape? It is easy to get them all confused so here we have a complete overview of the top Chinese websites and mobile apps broken down into the following main categories that reflect China's online and mobile consumption trends: 

Table of Contents - Chinese Websites: 

  • Top 10 Financial & Personal Services Websites
  • Top 10 E-commerce Websites
  • Top 10 Entertainment & Leisure Websites
  • Top 10 Sports & Fitness Websites
  • Top 10 Tourism and Travel Websites
  • Top 8 Medical & Health Websites

Table of Contents - Chinese Mobile Applications:

  • Top 5 Communication & Chat Apps
  • Top 5 News Apps
  • Top 5 Household & Livelihood Apps
  • Top 5 Photography & Video Recording Apps
  • Top 5 Travel & Map Apps
  • Top 5 Reading & Audio Books Apps

8 Lessons from Chinese Internet Superstars

S.R. Schroeder // Last Updated: 2016-07-18

You've heard the hard-to-grasp numbers, hundreds of millions of internet users and staggering ecommerce figures that blow the US and the west away. But even with that incredible growth most outsiders who have only ever quickly or even accidentally glanced at a few Chinese websites might assume that the west would still probably be a leader in conceptual and technical developments. Reconsider those assumptions. Chinese websites and apps don't let conventions hold them back and are laser-focused on their target markets and users demands.

Here are 8 reasons why they are rapidly breaking new ground:

1. E-Commerce Trusted Hubs Can Dominate

With extensive urbanization in China, retail space is at a premium. Online e-commerce hubs are taking advantage of this trend, by providing the kind of big, all-in-one malls online where people can shop for everything. Internet buyers in China order almost everything online, from toothbrushes and stationery to luxury cars. These all-in-one hubs provide buyers with a one-stop shopping experience much like a physical mall. In addition to that, buyers prefer the convenience of having a single point of  payment for various and diverse products as well as managing communication with regards to deliveries at a single point of contact, accountability and trust since the vendors are company approved and adhere to that company’s policy.

Review of the Chinese Internet Leaders and Environment

Thanhtu Dao // Last Updated: 2015-08-31

Aside from the significance of this activity in helping ALS patients go gain attention of the general public, social media is another great factor in the success and popularity of this activity in China: users of Sina Weibo posted and reposted celebrities videos of the challenge; WeChat users also posted their own challenges on “Moments” of WeChat, posted and reposted the diagram of links between celebrities challenges; there even emerged an Official Account for ALS Ice Bucket Challenge specially, posting videos of celebrities pouring cold water on themselves, posting articles analyzing the marketing strategy behind the challenge or explaining the link between the challenge and other social phenomena; Zhihu users asked and answered questions about ALS, and gave in-depth comments on ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and knowledge on ALS.