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Embrace a Powerful Password Paradigm

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SEIRIM Named one of worlds top 250 Managed Security Service Providers

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100 Point Cybersecurity Checklist

Unfortunately, when all an attacker has to do is find one mistake, one gap in your defenses, cybersecurity takes getting everything right.

Open Source Cybersecurity

S.R. Schroeder // Last Updated: 2022-01-23

Cybersecurity can be super expensive for SME’s as the IT skills needed require professionals with many years of experience, intensive training and certifications, and very often pricey software, tools and subscriptions.

The quandary is that companies can’t afford not to do more for cybersecurity, as the increase in cyber attacks such as ransomware, data breaches and more tear across the business landscape worldwide. Cybersecurity can no longer be an afterthought for SME’s - they must get it right today. 

What’s a company to do? Well, some expenditure is unavoidable, but like in many areas of IT open source solutions if selected wisely can be a big money saver. Trained cybersecurity professionals are still needed, but many of the tools we detail below can help small businesses bridge the gap between not paying enough attention to cybersecurity and employing sufficient security for their risk profiles.

Embrace a Powerful Password Paradigm

S.R. Schroeder // Last Updated: 2021-10-07

Greetings! Nearly everything we need to secure includes some password protection, so it’s critical to get it right.

It’s especially true in the workplace, where a simple password can be the only thing standing in the way of malicious hackers and your company’s valuable data.

Now, everyone knows this, right? Well, if all the preventable hacks across the net at companies big and small caused by password breaches are any indication, we think not everyone takes it seriously enough. 

There is a lot of detrimental, procrastinating reasoning like “why would anyone want to hack my account, no one cares about little old me.” or “how could they crack my password, when they only get three tries?”

We’ll point out all the holes in these reasonings here today and show you how without too much effort (we’ll actually make your life easier and safer!) you can get it right.

SEIRIM Named one of worlds top 250 Managed Security Service Providers

Rey Magsino // Last Updated: 2021-09-17

MSSP Alert, published by After Nines Inc., has named SEIRIM to the Top 250 MSSPs list for 2021.

The list and research identify and honor the top MSSPs, managed detection and response (MDR) and Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCaaS) providers worldwide.

The rankings are based on MSSP Alert’s 2021 readership survey combined with the digital media site’s global editorial coverage of managed security services providers. The fifth-annual list and research report track the managed security service market’s ongoing growth and evolution.

Ransomware Prevention 101

Nemanja Joksimovic // Last Updated: 2021-07-13

When it comes to ransomware protection we can think of 2 main focuses: Prevention and Mitigation.

Under prevention, we're trying to get everything right so we can lessen the possibility of a ransomware attack in the first place. 

In mitigation we are actually conducting significant advance preparation to be resilient when any attacks do occur. In this way when an attack does occur (when, not if) we are able to bounce back.

To prevent a ransomware attack from occurring, you want to be conducting all cybersecurity best practice steps - and this especially includes each and every one of your employees and integrated business partners who have any connections to your data and networks.

Introducing Cyber.Report Cybersecurity News and Discussion Board

S.R. Schroeder // Last Updated: 2021-07-05

We're excited to announce Cyber.Report - a SEIRIM-built, daily curated "best of" and "must know" cybersecurity headline news website featuring news about the latest attacks, issues and research to be aware of in the industry.

And we're further excited for SEIRIM to be listed as one of the top 30 cybersecurity companies listed at DesignRush. Bonus!

Every article is handpicked by our cybersecurity team to focus on the most relevant, important and interesting news daily. 

Our analysts and consultants are reading all the top blogs, news sites threat intelligence feeds and more to select the top news that busy professionals can't miss. We are filtering out all the filler articles and scanning for only the best of the best for your convenience.

100 Point Cybersecurity Checklist

S.R. Schroeder // Last Updated: 2021-01-12

At Seirim we know SME's are often overworked and lacking resources. Something as obscure as cybersecurity may not be on your management's radar as a high priority, but it should be.

Taking a look at recent headlines like the massive SolarWinds and US government hack hopefully gets your attention, but at the same time it might give you a false sense that these attacks only occur at the high levels of major corps, security-related companies and governments. That's false, they just get the biggest headlines.

Ransomware, for example, can lock up and cripple your company's operations in an instant. Don't succumb to complacency - it's too easy to take for granted the wide array of digital infrastructure your company depends on daily.