Our Favorite Quality Assurance Tools and Processes

QA takes work! We use the best tools and processes to make it easier.

Hot New China Websites

Great websites recently launched for the Chinese audience

Open Source Cybersecurity

Check the open source options first to save your company money!

SEO Audit Tools - Our favorites at SEIRIM and Why

Get in touch with your website's SEO health with the best auditing tools

Ten Steps to China SEO Success

Gather a new perspective, tools and methodology.

Embrace a Powerful Password Paradigm

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Our Favorite Quality Assurance Tools and Processes

S.R. Schroeder // Last Updated: 2022-08-05

Anybody can "make" a website —  but to make a great one you need to relentlessy hunt down all errors, issues and optimizations that are possible to output the best possible end product. We check the websites we develop from top to bottom for every conceivable issue, from Cybersecurity to Accessibility. A lot of the tools and checks we use you can use, too, to review your own websites and projects to double check and make sure your developers didn't miss anything.

Hot New China Websites

S.R. Schroeder // Last Updated: 2022-05-27

The Chinese internet audience and environment is distinct from any other.

The language and its syntax is obviously unique, but there are many special requirements and peculiarities in the country that require attention to detail and often custom coding and attention. Some of these include:

  1. ICP License - This is a registration process and evidence of such that needs to be shown at the bottom of every page of a website that is hosted on servers in China. We've been helping clients get their ICP licenses for years.
  2. Servers - To best serve China it isn't always required to use a server in China, but it is if you need to:
    • Collect data from local Chinese individuals or businesses
    • Collect online payments from local Chinese
  3. Local Assets - Due to some web services, tools and platforms being less accessible in China it's necessary to use workarounds utilizing China-focused alternatives
  4. Style and UX - Chinese users have different stylistic, layout UX preference differences. Thye are ok with much higher information density layouts on desktops for example, and there are UX pattern differences when using mobile devices.
  5. Communication Platforms - Chinese users have all their own social media and communication platforms, but it's not just a difference in which platform but also a difference in protocols, as in China there is a stronger preference for using a phone number as the personal identifier compared to using email addresses, for example, or for using QR codes over links, and so on.

Open Source Cybersecurity

S.R. Schroeder // Last Updated: 2022-01-23

Cybersecurity can be super expensive for SME’s as the IT skills needed require professionals with many years of experience, intensive training and certifications, and very often pricey software, tools and subscriptions.

The quandary is that companies can’t afford not to do more for cybersecurity, as the increase in cyber attacks such as ransomware, data breaches and more tear across the business landscape worldwide. Cybersecurity can no longer be an afterthought for SME’s - they must get it right today. 

What’s a company to do? Well, some expenditure is unavoidable, but like in many areas of IT open source solutions if selected wisely can be a big money saver. Trained cybersecurity professionals are still needed, but many of the tools we detail below can help small businesses bridge the gap between not paying enough attention to cybersecurity and employing sufficient security for their risk profiles.

SEO Audit Tools - Our favorites at SEIRIM and Why

Maite Matute // Last Updated: 2021-11-30

Simply put, website audits are necessary to see what the problem areas are of your website and how they can be improved to maximise the potential of your website. So in a New York minute, introducing our favorite SEO Auditing tools that we use almost as much as we use our mobile phones!

Ten Steps to China SEO Success

S.R. Schroeder // Last Updated: 2021-10-14

Step 1: Hire SEIRIM. Ha just kidding, but through constant effort, study and trial and error we have gotten ourselves and our clients to rank very well for their goals (both in China and globally) for almost a decade now, so we know that of which we speak.

1. Become aware of who (and what) dominates the search markets and methods:

Search is different in China. It’s more fragmented than in the west, with more players and “on-ramps” into search used. The top search engines are, as of September 2021:

Embrace a Powerful Password Paradigm

S.R. Schroeder // Last Updated: 2021-10-07

Greetings! Nearly everything we need to secure includes some password protection, so it’s critical to get it right.

It’s especially true in the workplace, where a simple password can be the only thing standing in the way of malicious hackers and your company’s valuable data.

Now, everyone knows this, right? Well, if all the preventable hacks across the net at companies big and small caused by password breaches are any indication, we think not everyone takes it seriously enough. 

There is a lot of detrimental, procrastinating reasoning like “why would anyone want to hack my account, no one cares about little old me.” or “how could they crack my password, when they only get three tries?”

We’ll point out all the holes in these reasonings here today and show you how without too much effort (we’ll actually make your life easier and safer!) you can get it right.